Change in Six Areas
Integrity-Psalm 15
Lesson 1
Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Christian Living
3 Trees Notepad
An Important Word- GRACE
Becoming a Peacemaker
Biblical Sanctification Part 1
Biblical Sanctification Part 2
Biblical Sanctification Part 3
Biblical Sanctification Part 4
Biblical Sanctification Part 5
Biblical Sanctification Part 6
Can Trust Follow a Lie
Change in Hebrews 13
Discovering Problem Patterns
Encouraged in Three Ways
Facing Problems Head On
From Anger to Forgiveness
Fruit of Spirit Faith
Fruit of the Spirit Gentleness
Fruit of the Spirit Goodness
Fruit of the Spirit Introduction
Fruit of the Spirit Joy
Fruit of the Spirit Love
Fruit of the Spirit Meekness
Fruit of the Spirit Patience
Fruit of the Spirit Peace
Fruit of the Spirit Temperance
High Maintenance Patterns of Behavior
Manuscript- Joining the Celebration
Prayer- The cure for worry
Preparing a Budget
Principles for Pursuing Peace
Problem Solved
Problem Solving
Purpose 1
Purpose 2
Purpose 3
Purpose 4
Purpose 5
Purpose 6
Purpose 7
Purpose 8
Purpose 9
Purpose 10
Purpose 11
Purpose 12
Purpose 13
Purpose 14
Purpose 15
Purpose 16
Purpose 17
Purpose 18
Purpose 19
Putting Away the Past
Repenting From Now On
Sin Neutralizers
Situations as Change Agents
Ten Practical tips for better communication
The anatomy of Communication
The Bible as a Change Agent
The Change Process
The End of blah,blah,blah
The Language of Feelings
When Times are Hard
Wisdom Part 1
You as a change agent

A Communication Problem
An Important Word-Encouragement
An Important Word-Forgiveness
An Important Word-Grace
An Important Word-Loyalty
An Important Word-Perseverance
An Important Word-Transparency
Can Trust Follow a Lie
Four rules of Communication- Act Don't React
Four rules of Communication- Attack Problem
Four rules of Communication- Honesty
Four rules of Communication- Keep Current
Giving but not receiving
Our Shepherd Provides
Principles for Pursuing Peace
Sin Neutralizers

Devotional Life

Achilles Heel
Conscience That Condemns
Growing Up
Jesus From A-Z
Mind Map
Reaching New Heights- The Stewardship of Commitment
Worry and Fear 31 Day Scripture Guide

Biblical Studies
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 1
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 2
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 3
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 4
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 5
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 6
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 7
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 8
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 9
Abraham-Adventure of Faith 10
Adoption-Deserved or Befriended
Biblical Authority and the Canon
Can a Christian lose his salvation?
Drawn Together By Our Message
Knowing God's Inspiration
Psalm 19
Questions God Asked That Deserve An Answer 1
Questions God Asked That Deserve An Answer 2
Questions God Asked That Deserve An Answer 3
Questions God Asked That Deserve An Answer 4
Questions God Asked That Deserve An Answer 5
Seeking God's Plan
Strengthening Your Grip-1
Strengthening Your Grip-2
Strengthening Your Grip-3
Strengthening Your Grip-4
Strengthening Your Grip-5
Strengthening Your Grip-6
Strengthening Your Grip-7
Strengthening Your Grip-8
Strengthening Your Grip-9
Strengthening Your Grip-10

An Attack on Anger
Anger Survey
Anger Survey and Questions
Bible Study Basics
Built to Last-Marriage Homework
Client Information Form
Communication Worksheet 1
Communication Worksheet 2
Communication Worksheet 3
Counseling Release Form
Depression Homework Verses
Discouragement Homework Verses
Discovering Problem Patterns
Doubt Homework Verses
Evaluate Your Marital Communication
Grief Homework Verses
Homework- Discouragement Devotional
Honeymoon Homework
Informed Consent
Journal for Your Journey
Loneliness Homework Verses
Marriage Application Questions
Marriage Homework
Marriage Questionnaire
Repentance Worksheet
Replacing Anger

Weakness Homework Verses
Authentic Masculinity
11 Things to Keep in Mind with your kids
A teenage Reformation
Husband and Father Survey
Parenting 1
Parenting 2
Parenting 3
Parenting 4
Parenting 5
Parenting 6
Raising Children
Parenting the internet generation
Positive Parenting
Problems With Parenting
The Children's Chores
Teenager the Parent Trap

Teenage Trials and Triumph

Sinful Living
A Plan for Change
Anger's Answer
Betrayal by Hypocrisy

Emotional Abuse or Something Else
Greed- Nehemiahs

Adversity Attack
Advantages of Adversity
A Lesson for Hard Times
Biblical Basis for Hope
Buckets of the Past 3
Buckets of the Past 4
Buckets of the Past 5
Dealing with Discouragement
Dealing with Sin
Dealing with Unreasonable People
Dealing with Sin
Description of Depression
Dancing in the Storm

Depression Psalm 42

Facing Problems Head On
Help for the Hopeless
Help I'm Stressed
High Anxiety
How Anxiety Develops
Our Shepherd Provides
Psalms and Pain
Putting Away the Past
Putting the Past in its Place
The problem of the past

When Times are hard

Book Studies
James 1
James 2
James 3
James 4
James 5
James 6
James 7
James 8
James 10
Psalm 63
Psalm 77

Psalm 131

Discovery Series
Discovery Series 1
Discovery Series 2
Discovery Series 3
Discovery Series 4
Discovery Series 5
Discovery Series 6
Discovery Series 7
Discovery Series 8

Visual Aids
3 Trees Notepad
Behavioral Disorders
Decision Making
Fear of Man
Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Human Motivation
Love Paradigm
Mind Map Insecurity 1
Model of Change
Preach the Gospel to Yourself
Problem Analysis
Signs of Ten Common Problems
Spheres of Responsibility Concern
Target of Change
True Guilt False Guilt
Unbalanced Christian Life
Union with Christ Power for Living
View of God
God's Love
Amazing Love
A Perfect Substitute
Love in Action
Love of God Interceding
Love Forgives
Love Friendly to Sinners
Love's Sacrifice

Worldview and Cultures
Core Values
Knowing God Through Reasonable Reasons
Moral Relativism

Overcoming Sins
2 Samuel 11
A Conscience that condemns
Anger Analyzed and Attacked
Anger Evaluation
Anxiety and Fear Disposal
Anxiety and Fear Disposal 2
Anxiety and Fear Disposal 3
Anxiety and Fear Disposal 4
Anxiety and Fear Disposal 5
Anxiety and Fear Disposal 6
Anxiety and Fear Disposal 7
Anxiety Multiplied
Attacking Conflict
Battling Bitterness through trust

Battling Bitterness with belief

Battling Bitterness with kindness
Biblical Reproof
Center of Conflict
Conflict & Anger
Conflict with Conflict
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Slippery Slope
Dealing with Sin
Defense Mechanisms
Forgiveness Survey
Forgiving Yourself- an unbiblical notion
Grace in the Middle of war
Handling Harmful Habits

Healing Memories with a label maker

Hold Your Tongue
Human nature in its fourfold state
Manuscript-Ashamed or Forgiven
Overcoming Past Failures
Porn in the Pews
Practical Forgiveness
Revenge of a guilty conscience
Sin Exposed
Substance Abuse
Target of Change

Temptation under Fire
The Answer for Anger 1
The Answer for Anger 2
The Answer for Anger 3
The Gospel
When Times are Hard

Worry and Fear 31 Day Scripture Guide

A do-it-yourself marriage retreat
A little Fire
A Christians Communication
A Model for Marriage
Biblical Submission
Christian Home
Communication in Marriage
Communication stoppers
Communication Three
Discussing Marriage 1
Discussing Marriage 2
Discussing Marriage 3
Discussing Marriage 4
Discussing Marriage 5
Discussing Marriage 6
Discussing Marriage 7
Discussing Marriage 8
Discussing Marriage 9
Dysfunctional Relationship
Dysfunctional Relationship 1
Dysfunctional Relationship 2
Dysfunctional Relationship 3
Dysfunctional Relationship 4

Dysfunctional Relationship 5

Fathers know Best
Havoc in the Home
Hold Your Tongue
Husband and Father Survey
Husbands Role Part 1
Husbands Role Part 2
Husbands Role Part 3
Husbands Role Part 4
Maintaining Marriage
Making Your Marriage Matter
Marriage Application Questions
Marriage Counseling & Root of
Marriage From Ephesians
Marriage- Love or Covenant Based
Marriage Homework
Marriage Matters
Marriage Talks for a Year
Questions before Marriage
Reconciliation in Communication
Role of the Wife Part 1
Role of the Wife Part 2
Role of the Wife Part 3
Ten Practical Tips for Better Communication
The Honor of Marriage
The Marriage Covenant

Understanding Women & Emotions

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